Vision of Life


A man without a vision is a man without a future. A man without a future will always return to his past.  So, everyone has vision of life consciously or unconsciously. Our life shapes itself accordingly and becomes reality today or tomorrow. Any successful endeavor requires a vision. Poetry is a magnificent door to vision of life. Being poets, we also have some ardent visions about harmonious society. A society based on love, compassion, truth and honesty, where every being of mother earth rejoice life splendidly and freely.  

Writer :- Asha Kumari, Dr. Maheswar Das, Dr. Suresh Chandra Sarangi, Kuntamukkala SaiPrakash, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai

Book Details:-
Book Type :- Paperback
Number of Pages :- 128 Excluding Cover Pages
Genre :- Poems